We Are The Champions Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Queen

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In this We Are The Champions guitar lesson videos series, I will show you note-for-note how to play Brain May’s killer guitar work for this legendary song by Queen.

In this first video lesson we will take a look at a relatively easy guitar arrangement of the opening piano part. This is based around only 3 different chords so it shouldn’t be that difficult to get under your fingers. I like to use a fingerstyle approach to this verse section, but I will also show you how you can play it with a pick.

After that I will show you that awesome chorus that contains some very interesting and creative guitar work.

In the second video lesson things will really get fun! That is where I will show you all of the second chorus with all of it’s amazing guitar solos. This isn’t too much of a challenge to play and is a lot of fun. I mean, literally every human on Earth knows this song, so it is pretty much required for any competent guitarist to have this in his or her repertoire. People love to sing along!

Besides being loads of fun to play, “We Are The Champions” is a great study into the guitar style of the legendary Brian May. Everything he does is just so musical and inventive. He isn’t trying to be flashy, even when he is, everything he plays is there simply to bring the song to a higher level. He pretty much hits a home run every time.

So get these licks under your finger but also take some time to analyze all the different dynamics or playing styles that Brian May incorporates into “We Are The Champions”. This is a how to craft a great guitar track! Enjoy!

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  1. Cool video, just wish you showed tabs of something to help me place my fingers in the right spot

  2. You come Here often?

    What do you mean by pick across

  3. He looks more like Lenny…Karl is the black

  4. Great lesson! But sometimes the finger pattern isn‘t recognizable so good. Could you lift the fingers you don‘t use when you show the cords? Thanks

  5. Felipe Aranda Riquelme

    Great work, very good lesson! Thank you a lot !

  6. you're the best!!

  7. your a good teacher man.. i like how you teach guitar .. thank you..

  8. Great lesson, this is exactly how a guitar lesson should be like! Keep it up!

  9. Deplorable Doman

    Thanks Carl I really appreciate the correctness of your guitar lessons. You've help me figure out songs I have always wanted to learn.

  10. Charlie Parker

    444 likes 4 dislikes 4444 lol

  11. црщ сфт ызуфл кгыышфт???

  12. I'm Watching You

    Your lesson`s good, guy. Thank`s!

  13. Robert Connolly

    Carl, are you using a noise gate as part of your rig? Thanks very much.

  14. Do you later use your little finger too, in the chords? I can't recognize it on the video.

  15. Albert Albertsson

    You should totally do the acoustic part of Save me by Queen, would be awesome!


  17. Pani Basia z Paradoxu

    Autumn Leaves solo by Eric Clapton please

  18. Great!!! Can you do The Godfather by Slash? The complete version please.

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