We Will Rock You Guitar Lesson – Queen

We Will Rock You Guitar Lesson - Queen

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In this video lesson I am going to show you Brian May’s classic guitar solo that ends “We Will Rock You” by the legendary Queen.

Undoubtedly, you have heard this song a millions times on the radio, at sporting events and in commercials.

So in this We Will Rock You guitar lesson video, you will finally learn how to play that climatic ending just like Brian May did it.

The solo comes in with a sustaining harmonic that launches into a simple power chord rhythm. I will break down the strumming hand for this part in addition to showing you the chords.

Brian May then takes everything up an octave to the 14th fret and the real fireworks begin. You will be playing two triads (A major & D major) by constantly hammering-on and pulling-off between the two chords. In between all of this there is some cool hybrid picking licks as well. I will break all of those lick down note-for-note.

The solo quickly comes to an end almost as suddenly as it begins, but within that short time there are some great guitar techniques to get under your fingers. Have fun!



  1. Realistically, if you are a hobby guitarist who had lessons years ago, how hard would it be to pick this up?

  2. watch my channel on the clapping tutorial JK XD

  3. I need to buy an electric guitar… should sound exactly the same which I just heard, Any suggestions?

  4. WAY too much overdrive here, sounds awful. Nice transcription though, the playing is right on.

  5. Queen last sings "We will, we will rock you!" the last two times with the sustained note, which sounds more like a feedback effect from the harmonic. Brian's opening effects to that guitar part are so unique in that way.

  6. You're really amazing.Thanks you for this video 🙂

  7. You're really amazing.Thanks you for this video 🙂

  8. You're really amazing.Thanks you for this video 🙂

  9. You're really amazing.Thanks you for this video 🙂

  10. in spanish please

  11. Great video Carl!

  12. brian may pretty genius

  13. 1:41 I think this has become a tutorial for "You Really Got Me" By The Kinks/Van Halen. Don't deny the similarities.

  14. Does anyone know what key this played in???

  15. this is one of those songs you can mostly improvise

  16. My fingur hutrz lol

  17. Philip Del Vecchio

    Man, I still think you could've use a portal to chop off thanos' hand with the glove on it. "It was the only way". Malarky.

  18. Intro part of sweet child is simliar. I wonder if Slash … ??

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