Weezer – Buddy Holly – Guitar Lesson

Weezer - Buddy Holly - Guitar Lesson

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  2. Nirvana you know you’re right. Please

  3. Savior by rise against!

  4. do sharp dressed man by zz top plz i have subed and hit the bell

  5. Hey marty! Do you mind doing a lesson on “Make you mine -PUBLIC”

  6. Hey could you do a lessin on weezer's the good life

  7. Marty lookin extra shiny

  8. Only in dreams // weezer

  9. I have a really Weird question but do u have to Tune ur guitar differently for Every song? Or just some?
    + Anyone tips for tuning an guitar?? I tried it but it still sounds like shit

  10. Cool! But you need more Smashing Pumpkins!

  11. This seems like it would go great with that new Marty Music looper pedal we're all anxiously waiting for……

  12. Ive been waiting for this too long 😀

  13. Hey Marty!
    I know in one of your videos you said you take requests. Do you think you could do “give a little bit” by Supertramp? It just seems like it’d be a really fun acoustic song to learn!

  14. Hey Maarty! Could you do School – Nirvana?

  15. Matthew Ozarraga

    Thank you Marty I really love this song

  16. I remember finding this song on a Windows 95 installation disc back in the day. Instantly hooked! Great song

  17. when are you going to do chicano batman songs

  18. I was the 869th person to like this video

  19. Christina Satina

    Can you do a tutorial for "Let Me In" by Skinny Living? Luv the guitar in that song

  20. You should do Beverly Hills

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