Weezer Hash Pipe Easy Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Hey guys! Today I’ll be teaching you how to play Hash Pipe by Weezer on electric guitar! I’ll break down the main riff of the song, all of the power chords, and the solo! Let’s get playing!

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  2. More motley tutorials pleaseeeee

  3. please do say it ain’t so by weezer!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks so much Marty I just recently started guitar and I was tempted to quit but your tutorials help me a lot! If you can, could you make some videos on minor or major scales? Any of the two would really help me in the long run, thanks!

  5. Thanks Weezer is my favorite band!!!!!!!!

  6. Hey Marty! Your Tutorials helped me a lot so far. Would like to see a video about Chasing the sun by Billy Talent.

  7. Pleeeeeease teach benighted by opeth.

  8. Are you feeling brave enough to tackle Neon by John Mayer ?

  9. Can u do Hey by the pixies it's a mellow clean sound. Please, and thank you .

  10. The River King gizzard

  11. Can you cover the Battle of Evermore on acoustic?

  12. Hey marty I was wondering if you can teach us viewers how to play a song that I really love I'm not sure that you will answer this comment but can you teach us how to play love me for me savio rego

  13. Wanna see yo do hail to the king by avenged sevenfold

  14. Great vid, how are you getting the distortion. Keep up the good work

  15. Can you please do more Black Sabbath!!

  16. Guitar sounds nice and crunchy

  17. Great lesson as always!!! More Weezer, RHCP, and Oasis, PLEASE!!!!

  18. Hey Man, do you got an Video with the whole Blues Scale over the Fretboard?
    Greets from Switzerland

  19. I love weezer and would love more weezer tutorials thanks for the cool videos man

  20. Hey Marty can you do Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World lesson next

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