Weezer – Say it Ain’t So – how to play on guitar – guitar lessons – tutorial

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  1. Couldnt i just play eveything a half step higher?

  2. good now I know how to play it

  3. instead of hitting that E major chord on the 7th fret hit it as an open chord. it is an octave lower and sounds more like the actual song.

  4. Marty Marty Marty, Thank You! I watch other videos that are off.

  5. CrazeeControllerManiac

    Just a suggestion. The first chord, when you do the hammer on, don’t hammer on your pinky. It sounds more like the song when doing that

  6. I remember going through Say it Ain’t So like 3 years ago, I tried but I could barely play so I just left it. Going back to this absolute classic, it’s not that difficult for me anymore! Beginners, just wanna say keep practicing and you will get better eventually!

  7. sheldon montgomery

    really sucks that these apps are only available on Apple store

  8. William Wallace

    Wow, badass man. Hope to be this good someday, but I'll keep practicing.

  9. Anthony Labonté

    What is the tuning of haft down?

  10. Great lesson! I've struggled with this song but this really helped to break it down into manageable parts.

  11. Marty I am learning guitar, I have watched many of your videos and one question I have is how the heck do you keep so many songs in your head? LOL, But seriously I enjoy your lessons so thank you!

  12. Isn’t playing one fret down the same as tuning it down a half step and playing it on the regular frets

  13. Marty what pedal is that?

  14. Thanks for the help I knew I was missing something.

  15. AnActualCøral

    What is that fourth chord. Like what are the finger positions.

  16. tHE wHITE hOT mA mA'SS

    thx bro i'm so lazy in my middle age. i knew it was tuned but not how.

  17. What about that little squeal thingy that he does after each power chord on the chorus, how do you do that?

  18. Wrangle McDangle

    The biggest problem I am having with this song is my pinky finger does not want to follow my ring finger

  19. Awesome version,love it. Thanks for the lesson

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