Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Guitar Lesson – Metallica – Intro & All Chords/Rhythm Guitar Parts

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In this Welcome Home Sanitarium Guitar Lesson video series I will teach you how to play all of this Metallica classic note-for-note in it’s entirety.

We have a lot to cover in this lesson including 4 guitar solos!

The intro consists of an introspective clean guitar part using harmonics and a melody on the high E string. That intro leads into the main clean guitar riff which is a somber arpeggio picked riff that also makes a great shifting exercise for the entry level guitarist. This is the same clean guitar riff used in the verse of “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)”.

Continuing in the first video lesson, I will then demonstrate how to play all the heavy guitar rhythms. These rhythms are a lot more difficult, especially when you make it to the fast muted downstrokes used throughout the second half of the song. Keep a relaxed picking wrist here and it will help you not only develop speed, but also the endurance to make it through the entire last half of the song.

In the second video lesson we make it to the first solo!

Being one of the standout tracks from the incredible Master of Puppets album, this intro solo helps create the ominous vibe used throughout most of the song.

Technically I would put this Welcome Home Sanitarium intro guitar solo at an intermediate level.

There aren’t many fast runs, just a lot of melodic guitar lines that complement the underlying chord progression quite nicely.

I would say the most technically demanding part of this solo is the quick A min arpeggio just towards the end of the solo. Kirk Hammett uses a finger roll here and a down down down up picking pattern in order to play those four notes so quickly yet still have each note sound clearly. Keep in mind this isn’t a sweep, but literally three separate downstrokes.

Playing the same type of stroke in the same direction across adjacent strings can be done quite fast after you get used to it. Just be sure to keep your picking hand wrist nice as loose. 🙂

In the third video lesson I will tackle the second solo. This one moves around the fretboard quite a bit so you will need to keep your fret hand nice and light.

In the fourth video lesson I will teach you how to play the epic main solo. Here is where Kirk Hammett really kicks into high gear and we have a lot of very fast licks from beginning to end. This solo will be a challenge to just about any guitarist.

And finally in the fifth video lesson I will demonstrate how to play all of the outro section, including the harmony guitar parts and outro solo. This section isn’t nearly as difficult as the main solo so if you make it this far you probably won’t have much trouble at all. 🙂

OK get to work! Carl..


  1. After like ten minutes of trying to learn this song I actually got it hit this thumbs up if you like me and you just learn a song on there 10 minutes and there's like boom

  2. Hey..long time student first time commenter lol..thanks for all the lessons man. I have learned many songs from your lessons. Keep up the good work.

  3. Kind a hard to understand what he is doing

  4. AngelOfSalvation WPB

    Yea I love learning but its ki da hard to when my pinky finger is literally like 2 inches long…

  5. The digiorno fam!! !!

    Ur amazing u helped me so much but how do u get ur guitar to sound like that, how much gain is on? And plz check out my Chanel plz❤️❤️

  6. Thank you for all your tutorials, one thing that would be legendary, would be a camera showing the top of your fingers on the fretboard

  7. Kevin Persen Liset

    🙂 Master of puppets album is a masterpiece and a classic 🙂 I have been to Cliffs Place in Sweden, i cried man . And i made an offer on His altar, for respect <3 RIP CLIFF EM ALL <3

  8. Thank you so much for doing these video's, along with an excellent written description. New sub. I love how you teach, Keep'em coming!

  9. Hi Carl, yours lesson are awesome, but still can't figure out how to do this 12 fret e and B strings. When I release them (string) sound is cut off straight away. Any tips?

  10. These are great lessons!

  11. Hi did you release any Metallica lessons on DVD? Thank You

  12. Master of lessons

  13. 6:20 Main hook riff if thats all you came for like me

  14. thank you so much i absolutely love this song

  15. loved the lesson but i cant play this cuz my stupid kramer 600st doesnt have a thick enough neck so my finger keeps hitting the open D ;-;

  16. GuitarLessons365Song You taught me the intro solo to One now this. Thanks. I have the skills not the patience to pick it all out. Thanks for doing the hard part. Thanks for the various camera angles as well. Very smart and helpful to all Im sure

  17. What distorsion pedal are you using for the heavy parts? And what amp? Nice lesson btw!

  18. How can I do something similar to that sound in my gt10. by the way, in the clean part it takes chorus for sure, but in the recording my ears dont lie, it has a well timed tremolo . I am not sure when the tremolo appears, probably when the 0 2 4 0 starts.

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