Western Swing Guitar Lesson – Blues Lead Guitar Lesson – EP171

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In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a western swing style lead. I’ll show you how to pull the notes out of chords to create a more melodic sounding lead. You’ll also learn some jazzy sounding runs that you can use in this style of swing, blues, or even country.
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  1. This is the holy grail. One of the best lesson ever. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Hi Brian – this is a great great lesson! Easy to play, sounds fantastic, a new horizon. More of this please! Thanks!

  3. Choice "Chunks"!

  4. Why do I think this is jazz guitar? Probably from listening to classic rock. Sultans swing strait dire metallica, guns n roses just all embarrassing n total stupid . haha!

  5. Cool one brian, glad to see you sold your welding glasses ;)

  6. Look forward to this..Love Western swing

  7. Love it! Another great lesson!!

  8. The lessons you have recently been teaching are allowing me to break out of the same patterns I have used for a long time. Thank you for the lessons such as this one which shows new methods. I joined and look forward to a great learning experience this year because of you and your teachings. I appreciate you tying a couple of lessons together. It allows a review of the previous lesson as well as the ability to advance.

  9. Thank you!

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