WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES – Guitar Lesson – Chord Melody

Note for note jazz guitar tutorial on What A Difference A Day Makes chord melody style. Tabs + Backing Tracks available!

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Who doesn’t fondly remember What A Difference A Day makes on the radio performed by Dinah Washington. Natalie Cole and Jammie Cullum both also made their verisons, but interestingly enough called the song “What A Differnece A Day MADE”.

In this jazz guitar lesson I’ll show you note for note, slow and easy all the parts of my What A difference A Day makes chord melody arrangement. I’ll teach you all the jazz guitar chords needed for this beautiful tune, as well as the melody. When the chords and melody are played simultaniously this is called chord melody or an instrumental.

You’ll learn how to play What A Difference A Day Makes on guitar and I’ll teach you slow enough, so you won’t miss a thing. I’ve also made a guitar TAB and Backing tracks, so you can start practicing right away. Please download your What a difference a day made backing track from one of the links up above. Don’t forget to click that Return To Merchant link at the end of your payment.

We have a great 12/8 feel groove accompanying this song. I fill the spaces in between the melody with a triplet groove, so it doesn’t sound bland. You can play What A Difference A Day Makes guitar chord melody arrangement with or without that groove. But I personally prefer it with the fills. The spaces in the melody are pretty loing sometimes, so it’s a good idea to use those great jazz guitar chords and fill the spaces.

I hope you like my What A Difference A Day Makes guitar lesson including the tabs and backing tracks. If so, please give me a fat thumbs up, share the love and the knowledge and don’t forget to subscribe my channel for more great chord melody tutorials.

Now get your guitars ready and follow me along. I’ll take you by the hand and guide you through my “What A Difference A Day Makes” jazz guitar tutorial.


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Hugs, Sandra 🙂
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  1. 0:46 What A Difference A Day Makes Performance
    3:26 Groove Lesson
    4:31 Section A Explanation Phrase 1
    9:00 Phrase 1 Slow Tempo
    9:30 Phrase 2
    12:10 Phrase 2 Slow Tempo
    12:39 Phrase 3
    15:55 Phrase 3 Slow Tempo
    16:28 Phrase 4
    18:27 Phrase 4 Slow Tempo
    18:49 Section B Explanation Phrase 5
    22:11 Phrase 5 Slow Tempo
    22:40 Phrase 6
    26:11 Phrase 6 Slow Tempo

  2. Jorge Máximo Badelt Zappacosta

    Oh ! this is a good lesson ,so well explained thanks to you , beautiful teacher . Greetings from Mexico

  3. can i play it on classical guitar

  4. Como sempre Sandra…Mais uma canção instrumentada de forma espetacular, que bom DEUS permitir a sua existência, parabéns.

  5. The original title of this song is "Cuando Vuelva a Tu Lado" (When I come back by your side) by Mexican composer Maria Grever. It was popularized by Dinah Washington in 1959 in the U.S.A., and covered by numerous artist internationally.

  6. Syberoffense - Hacking With Kali Made Easy

    One of my all-time favorites! Wonderful! Thank you!

  7. Erling Johansson

    Very nice song Sandra! Thanks !

  8. GIOVANNI CLEMENTE Jo Tarantella

    Bravissima insegnante , seguitela e imparerete a suonare in modo professionale semplicemente . Sinceri complimenti

  9. лосось лимонадов

    Nice lesson
    Can you make lesson of song Herb Ellis & Remo Palmier – Windflower please?
    Because I can’t finding even tabs of that song

  10. Great song and arrangement! I loved having the chord names on screen. It would be interesting and helpful to know the ORIGINAL chord changes to see the changes you've made…just a thought. Thanks again.

  11. Very nice guitar lesson,mam sandra… may i request to upload a meditation guitar lesson,thanks more power to you and may GOD bless you!

  12. Pray all is well..Aloha…

  13. Aloha Sandra…Mahalo…Love it…Much Love 2 U 2…

  14. Dear Sandra, I'm a real fan of Your YouTube chanel and the way you teaching Jazz. Thank you for that!!!
    I'm a beginner guitarist and love jazz a lot. And all tough I'm a beginner, your way make sence!

  15. Antonino de Pádua Nascimento Felipe

    Olá Sandra! Uma sugestão: que tal a canção COPACABANA(Autor Braguinha). Obrigado!
    Hello Sandra! A suggestion: how about the song COPACABANA (Author Braguinha). thank you!

  16. Chilekwa K. Chilekwa II

    Maestro Sandra…who was, who is, and who is to be. Much appreciated indeed. My weekend made…

  17. You make my day,Sandra!! Cheers,Ron

  18. César Pámanes Narváez

    María Greever was a mexican composser, thank you.

  19. JazzGuitarNeoSoul

    Not for the faint of heart but I will order this now! That's one heck of an arrangement! Another addition to my already full folder of your chord melody arrangements! I have Misty, Autumn Leaves, the Bundle Chord Melodies, Girl From Ipanema, Midnight Blue, Take Five, Jazz Intros and now this beautiful What a Difference A Day Makes! Someday I'll have an album called "Chris Plays Sandra's Tunes"! In ten years! LoL! Cheers! 🙂

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