Easy JAZZ GUITAR LESSON on WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD chord melody style / instrumental. + TABS + Backing Track available!

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In this Jazz guitar lesson I’ll teach you my easy, beginner friendly instrumental (chord melody) arrangement of What A Wondeful world by Louis Armstrong. I’ll show everything note for note, slow and easy.

You’ll learn all the What a wonderful World guitar chords as well as how to play the melody along simultaniously. This is called chord melody style or an solo instrumental.
I tried to go through all the guitar chords slow and easy, so you really get to see every single note played. I also have a complete playthrough of the entire tune.
The guitar chords are easy, I promise! I did not fill every little gap in the melody with rhythmn, in order to keep it easy. I’m sure, if you follow my tutorial, you will be able to play What A Wonderful World instrumental very soon. Take your time and practice bit for bit, like 2-4 bars every practice session.

This guitar lesson teaches you the jazz chords used in Louis Armstrong version of What a wonderful world and not the Sam Cook version. It’s an early jazz song and I kept it that way. Jazz chords all the way. But they’re easy ones, so no panic 🙂

I’ve alos made the What A Wonderful World guitar tabs. You can download it from the link in this description box. Please don’t forget to click “Return to seller / merchant” at the end of your paypal payment. I also made a What A Wonderful world backing track / Play Along, so you can start practicing right away. No excuses 😉

I hope my version of What A wonderful world is to your liking and easy enough for you to start this song. Again, I’ve tried to keep the chord melody arrangement as simple as possible, without making it sound bland or boring.

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