What I Wish I Knew My First Year of Playing Guitar (Barre Chords)

What I Wish I Knew My First Year of Playing Guitar (Barre Chords)

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  1. Thanks for watching! Here's a FREE Barre Chord Course https://www.martymusic.com/store/FNo3vzw2

  2. I started playing guitar about 21 years ago. I avoided barre chords. I even stopped playing for a long time, in large part because of them. Your advice to not avoid them, even if they sound bad and the testimony of some other commenters who mention taking time to build the strength, was very important to see

  3. Marty what is the best book for guitar chords??? I want a complete encylopedia of chords so i can use it as my bible! Which book is the most comprehensive in your opinion???

  4. Sorry I didn't catch it. What is the name of the Stevie Ray Vaughan song?

  5. Project Sillywrunner


  6. Why anyone would invent an instrument that hurts to play I have no idea.

  7. In the beginning I put tiny amount of super glue on my finger tips to help with my callous….tiny amount guys

  8. Please more videos focusing on technique!

  9. "Going through it even if it sounds totally horrible" ah yes, such is life.

  10. how do you transition into the barre chord faster

  11. I wish I had watched your videos more

  12. Karel Saul Miranda Hernandez

    I know it's an old video but…
    C R A M P

  13. Hey Marty what's the Taylor model you are using ? Sounds lovely

  14. Lightchaserphoto

    Thanks for that Marty I've been working on mr. Jones by Counting Crows that F Barre chords a b** picked up my guitar after about six years bought your Blues DVDs back in 2012 or 2013 going to be jamming soon best of luck

  15. No wonder why I am not able to play barre chords. Cause I have been avoiding it !

  16. Love u Marty. U really help and wanna help lots of people thank you bro n

  17. Does anyone know why when I attempt to do a bar chord and out my finder over all the strings it is a thud. No music, it's as if I grabbed the handle and started strumming. Not beautiful music or anything

  18. Shaggy Ultra Instinct

    I had to learn barre chords just to play old town road because i have a fear of tuning my acoustic down…

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