What’s Going On Guitar lesson – Marvin Gaye

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What’s Going On Guitar lesson – Marvin Gaye. Gregory Evans gives a tutorial on how to play Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On.
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  1. F#m7 sounds the same as B9. you can use B7 instead

  2. Slow down plz showing your finger placements-

  3. Just brilliant! Really enjoyed learning this, thankyou.

  4. Excelente, se hace muy fácil.

  5. Excelente, se hace fácil, gracias.

  6. You are an excellent musician and teacher.  Thanks for this video!

  7. Great. Thanks

  8. Thank you. Well done.

  9. nice thanks for this!

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  12. BEthoveen1061..Really best video

  13. This is awesome, how lessons should be. Teach, refresh and play along. Thanks subscribed.

  14. i had this album when it came out,about 71,i could see Marvin saying : cool man and joining in with his finger snapping.very well explained.

  15. clear and thorough, t.y.

  16. Best lesson ever. thx

  17. Nice run through of the chords and great singing mate!  It really helps placing the chords in the song when you sing along….and sing so well too.  Thank you.

  18. Your singing it too high. A whole tone too high.

  19. I'm hearing a different rhythm. Using V for downstroke, ¥ for muted downstroke, Ʌ for up and a period (.) after a note to extend time value, I think I'm hearing: V . Ʌ ¥ Ʌ V Ʌ ¥ Ʌ ¥ Ʌ V Ʌ V Ʌ This is a rough interpretation of course and I may be hearing more than one guitar or instrument.

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