What's Up? – Easy Beginners Acoustic Guitar Lesson – 4 Non Blondes – Drue James

Really easy guitar lesson for What’s Up? by the 4 Non Blondes. Classical 90’s song with a massive sing a long chorus.

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Keep on playing 🙂


  1. Very cool! Thanks.

  2. this is the first time i saw an online guitar lessen that worked for me!!!! i saw already two or three online videos about this song, and didnt get it…
    down, down, up, down… down, up, down, up, ……..

  3. Thank you 🙂

  4. Best tutorial I've seen with this song. Awesome.

  5. Love the hat

  6. Amazing job man! Wow, I thought I'd never learn.

  7. thank you drue

  8. i think you have the strumming wrong though
    ddud dududu udu and then repeat.i think youre putting an extra down stroke.the spaces im leaving are kinda missing a strum.listen closely but that sure sounds like it and even watch real close on her videos.love this song for sure

  9. I love this song ever since it came out. Thank you so much

  10. Rahbi Salahuddin

    Do you think you could do black like me by spoon one day?

  11. I've seen your a thousand years and could you please do jar of hearts by Christina Perri?

  12. hey Drue James do you think you can teach how to do Davy Jones theme fingerstyle just the music box part tho

  13. Hey drue! Can u please do a tutorial for lost together by rembrandts. There wasn't any on youtube that i could see plzz.

  14. Can you please make patience by guns n roses?

  15. Would you ever do Soldier Of Fortune by Deep Purple?

  16. Hello, can you do lesson for Let it go from Frozen? I can´t find better teacher than you 🙂

  17. wow your a very good teacher amazing song i learn it very fast

  18. Excellent lesson thanks Drue of a timeless song. The 'accents' really make this song come to life.

  19. Full Me Ga Klips

    can you do 21 guns from green day fingerstyle

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