When I See This Bar – Kenny Chesney – How To Play – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – EASY

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When I See This Bar – Kenny Chesney – How To Play – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – EASY Brett Papa papastachepop papastache102 papastache Pirate Flag
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  1. request link was for something else, but MORE Kenny Chesney!! Like American Kids or Pirate Flag!! Please Please Please

  2. Without a doubt my favorite learning videos.

  3. You are seriously making me look better around the campfire Papa.

  4. please help me at 3:123:20 you do it to fast for me

  5. great lessons and really helpful. Can you teach me how to play Blue ridge mountain song by Alan Jackson?? thanks

  6. Your amazing at what you do keep up the work my man!

  7. I already know this song, but it's awesome that you did it!  Love it 🙂

  8. Kenny Chesney's Wild Child off the new record

  9. Amos Lee "Flower"

  10. Guys like me by eric church!

  11. Hi Brett!  Love your tutorials.  Can you do Kenny Chesney's "Anything but Mine"? Incredible song. 

  12. Thanks for the great tutorial!!!  Well done!

  13. Can you show how to play Zebra's Who's Behind The Door. Thanks.

  14. Could you please teach the song When the Sun Goes Down by Kenny Chesney

  15. Did you record a video on how to play Come Over by Kenny Chesney?

  16. have learned a lot keep it but some acoustic Drive By Truckers woukld be frickin awsome to hear and learn

  17. You do great tutorials!!! Could u do one for james dean and audrey hepburn by sleeping with sirens? I cant find any tutorials on it:(

  18. I think you should do the whole Life on a Rock album by Kenny Chesney, its a great relaxing album that no one really has attempted to do any tabs on yet, if you could do the songs it would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks man #NoShoesNation

  19. Amateurhook243 2016

    Can you show how to play fair lane by the dirty guv'nahs. If u haven't heard of them u will love them if ur into a little rock country blues mix

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