When I’m 64 Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson Peter Langston

Peter Langston show you how to play this great song, and you can do it, even if you’re a recent beginnger.

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  1. Thanks!

  2. I just started working on this for a student. Not so sure about that F minor. The bass tone is an F sharp which leads me to believe the chord there is a D7/F#. Give it a go and tell me what you think.

  3. Thanks for the free lesson. I'll keep following you.

  4. The progression played in the beginning—–the 30 second clip—–is different than the one described. I cant seem to figure out THAT one.

  5. That guitar is spectacular!

  6. спасибо –украина

  7. Great tutorial thank you

  8. Ey, Robin ?

  9. THANK YOU for a super great lesson

  10. THANK YOU for a super great lesson

  11. the end is gorgeous!

  12. Great  lesson.
    Good luck

    Mickey's Place    Lilo-an…..Cebu. Philippines.

  13. I'd like to learn that mouth trumpet part. 🙂 Nice video. Thanks!

  14. Exelente tutorial

  15. excellent lesson

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