Wherever I May Roam Guitar Lesson – Metallica – Famous Riffs

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This “famous riff” lesson comes to you by way of Metallica and their hugely successful Black album, with the scorching guitar driven “Wherever I May Roam”.

“Wherever I May Roam” has long been one of my favorite Metallica songs. This main riff uses lots of cool techniques including fast trills, wide vibrato, slides, palm muting and some cool chromatic lines.

In this Wherever I May Roam guitar lesson I will demonstrate how to play the two main guitar riffs that open the song after the sitar part.

This riff does move around at a fast tempo, so be sure to work on each new section individually at a slow to moderate tempo before piecing them all together and ramping up the speed.

I know the Black album, with all of it’s popularity, can be sort of a sore spot for some old school Metallica fans. I myself love early Metallica, especially Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets and And Justice For All.

However, the Black album, although completely different, is in my opinion absolutely brilliant in how it combines a more commercial approach with huge production and cool riffs like the one I am teaching in this lesson.

Can you imagine if Master of Puppets was recorded as well as the Black album? It would have sounded unreal!

In any case, Wherever I May Roam offers much more than these killer riffs. There are super cool solos and harmonized lines as well. If you guys want me to teach the entire song note-for-note simply help this video get to 600 “likes” on YouTube.

Have fun with these killers riffs! I will be back here soon with the full song I am sure. 🙂



  1. Dyslexic High schooler
  2. my friend you are helping me out so much ! I cant read music but I can read tabs , with you I dont need either one thanks a million!

  3. What is that guitar?

  4. Great tutorial, it was really helpful. Can we get the full song though, pls

  5. Question: I wonder if you are letting the low e-string ring out after you play the E5 power chord at the beginning of the riff. It doesn't seem like it. Do you mute it with your left hand (while doing the slide) or with your right hand?

  6. CARL your awesome. we have 3.9k likes

  7. E phrygian I love it XD

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    3.3 k likes where's part 2?

  9. Amazing vids as always. Love your stuff

  10. Thank you so much this is my favourite Metallica song and I just love playing it. Keep it up!

  11. What tuning is this in

  12. i love your channel <3

  13. Such a slutty riff

  14. Thanks, man! Whenever I search for how to play a particular song and you pop up, I choose your video tutorials first. You're a great teacher!

  15. Who knew Andy doorframe had a son after shawshank prison

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