Wherever You Will Go – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – The Calling – Drue James

Learn to play Wherever You Will Go by The Calling with this accurate guitar lesson. Full breakdown of the picked intro. (whcih can be tricky for beginners) You also get patient tuition for the chords and rhythm guitar in the chorus.

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Keep on playing 🙂


  1. can you tell me what is the order of the string? it not clear to me

  2. can you tell me what is the order of the string? it not clear to me

  3. Isidal Kent “Hiwaru” A. Carino

    awesome! please do a tutorial of "angel with a shotgun" by "the cab" too xD

  4. You're teaching us to play the strumming part with the "folk-style G" right?

    But in the beginning where you showing us how it will sound like you're playing a regular G, right?
    Without pressing down the B-String in the second fret?

    Or am I wrong here?

  5. nice voice

  6. Hey Drue!!! Can you make a tutorial for London Grammar – Strong and London Grammar – Interlude

  7. Fletcher Llanwarne

    DD dumbo tropical oceans! Awesome work by the way :)

  8. I would love it if you could do a tutorial on a song called satellite by above and beyond. it's not a real difficult song and is amazing it's no one has a tutorial on it and I really want to learn it and I know you can do it

  9. Hi Drue, can you please make a tutorial for Find You by Zedd. Hope you do. TY

  10. Love your lessons!! I wanted to place two song requests …any chance you could do a tutorial on Southern Sun by Boy and Bear and Sweetness Follows by REM. Thanks a lot for making all of our lives better!!!!

  11. Sir,, Please make "LOVE STORY" (1970) Theme. By Ali McGraw & Rayan O'Neal. Pleaseeee.

  12. Edriel John A. Taggueg

    Men i really like your tutorials…Can you make a tutorial of History by one direction (plucking)

  13. Eat
    Go to

  14. this was the best thing that could ever happen to me, i love this song and this channel

  15. Could you do play along tracks also were you do the full cover but maybe slightly slower

  16. brilliant bud. please cover merry Christmas the war is over.

  17. •Laura Daydreamer•

    I was searching for tutorials of this song and you saved me, I can only watch your videos because you explain things very very well even if I'm not even English ahah
    So yeah, I hope your channel will grow more and more because you deserve it, really. Thank you

  18. Damn good lesson Drue !

  19. Sourabh Dhoundiyal

    nd lovebug of jonas brothers

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