Which Acoustic Guitar Should I Buy? (for any budget)

ACOUSTIC GUITAR MADE EASY – The best way to get started on the acoustic guitar:

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By far the most common question we get is “which acoustic guitar should I buy?”. In this guitar lesson, we’ll be taking a look at the differences between many types of acoustic guitars and why you would choose one over another. There’s no “best” acoustic guitar out there, but hopefully this video will help you find the best one for you.

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  1. The first guitar I got my hands on was a Gibson J45 that belonged to my neighbor about 50 years ago. Since then I've had boat load of inexpensive crappy guitars that were hard to learn on. Now days I have been hard pressed to buy anything but pro Takamines. After playing many high end acoustics I'm confident with mid upper end Takamines. I might be set in my ways but the younger players that I let play my Takamines are swayed to think like I do. I have a lot of years of experience in this.

  2. Well my first guitar is a epiphone dr 100.I like it but want to improve on another guitar for my 2 guitar any suggestion.

  3. I stick to Sigmas ive had a takamime and sizing up a martin to a sigma ill buy my sigmas and save 1000 bucks. NOT ONE LEFT HANDED GUITAR BEHIND YOU lol

  4. I'm thinking of buying the Fender FA-125 Dreadnought NAT

  5. My first was a 1983 Landola… still have it =)

  6. First act kid guitar that my grandpa got me when I was about 7 years old.

  7. First guitar I purchased was a Fender CD60CE. Still sounds great to this day.

  8. What kinds of guitars are in 000 size?

  9. Epiphone DR-100 seems to be a great little guitar for under $100.

  10. At age 67 I was a beginning guitar player/buyer. Things I wish I had known when I bought my first guitar. 1) the importance of string spacing and 2)the action of the strings – to me these two things are as important as tone. At least for a beginner. I would recommend paying less attention to the looks/aesthetics and brand name and more attention to action, nut width/spacing. IMHO the best quality guitar for a beginning player (of average adult height and reach) is the Seagull S6 original. It can be bought for less than $450. Has a solid cedar top that sounds amazing; the nut width is 1 3/4 and spacing is perfect margin for a beginner who will struggle with making clean sounding notes and chords. The action is amazingly easy on the finger tips and this is right out of the factory set up. I LOVE my Seagull s6 original and lots of experienced guitar players have commented about the lovely sound that comes out of this guitar. If you are a "serious" beginner spend the money for the Seagull s6 original. It'll save you money in the long run because you won't be stuck with a cheap guitar that you won't play and nobody will give you the amount of money you spent on it.

  11. Just started to play on a Yamaha F310…great for a beginner…perhaps move onto a Sire R3 if I make good progress…and my dream acoustic is a Fylde made in the north of England!

  12. At 12-13 I quit after 1 month . I had a squire . I just bought a seagull mahogany s6 .. and now I’m obsessed

  13. Howe Music Tuition

    If you are a beginner the easiest guitar to learn on is a NYLON STRUNG classical acoustic guitar. SOFTER strings on the fingers, WIDER string spacing for learning open chord shapes and readily available in different sizes (depending on your age) .

  14. My first guitar was a Baby Taylor.

  15. These guys made it all the way through their discussion of acoustic guitars without one mention of resonator acoustics……..It's a hell of a oversight……….

  16. I have now a really bad guitar for like 40€ i want to buy the yamaha F 370.

  17. The year was 1970, I was 19 and I went into a small music store and bought my first guitar. It was a used Grammer guitar for $325. I made payments because that's around $2 thousand in todays money. It was outstanding and had a sound like no guitar I've ever heard. Hard times came and had to sell it for $150.00. I've seen asking prices as high as $5 thousand for that guitar today. I still miss that guitar. Oh well, such is life.

  18. My first guitar was a Vantage dreadnought. it was all plywood but played well.

  19. Heshan Goonawardena

    What kind of guitar should I buy to begin to learn playing pop music

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