White Christmas Chord Melody | Beautiful Solo Jazz Guitar Lesson

A great arrangement of the festive favourite for chord melody-style jazz guitar. As played by Kenny Burrell on his album Have Yourself A Soulful Little Christmas. Find the music/tab here: http://www.anyonecanplayguitar.co.uk/white-christmas You can also find here a slightly simplified version, which retains the essence of this version but does away with some of the trickier bits.

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  1. What's the amp you're using for these videos? Your tone is always killer

  2. Beautiful.

  3. Thanks for sharing/ You also teach essential jazz licks, but do you have it in tab form? it is easier to follow that way thumbs up

  4. A great lesson, thank you!!!

  5. awesome lesson, great work as always (: any way you may teach the solo as well? or maybe a link to another resource that may show it? or just a push in the right direction to figuring it out?

  6. Merci, bravo

  7. please can you do I wanna be adored by the stone roses

  8. Scott Billings

    Good stuff, thanks Adrian. It's a lotta chords but they're jolly nice ones.

  9. Michael Valdez

    Keep the videos coming, absolutely amazing uploads!!!!!

  10. This lesson was a great Christmas gift! Challenging piece, but very much an achievable one. Thanks!!

  11. I do not always look, but always up Like!

  12. Beautiful arrangement.

  13. Thank you Adrian for making the unfamiliar accessible

  14. mercerstmustang


  15. Great lesson thank you so much!

  16. l can't locate the PDF. I also have been looking for this song. Thanks Man

  17. Hi Adrian, I was just looking for this exact song in a jazzy format yesterday and all the tabs I could find (about 500) were in the same basic chords. Can't wait to play this! Cheers…

  18. Ry Naylor Guitar

    Very nice. Might have to try this one out! Merry Christmas :o)

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