White Stripes – “Hypnotize” – Electric Guitar Lesson

How to play “Hypnotize” by The White Stripes on electric guitar! An easy beginner guitar lesson.

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  1. Can you do there's no home for you here by the white stripes?

  2. Dude, you should do Jolene by White Stripes

  3. Sweet! You should still do the solo to heartbreaker !

  4. I requested this song

  5. Can you, or someone reading this, comment on the set up to create this sound. I've got a fender mustang 1 and I'm playing an epiphone 100. Just can't seem to get anywhere near this sound. Sorry if this is sounds like an obvious question but I'm a real beginner. Thanks.

  6. Dude, ur videos are amazing, high quality, great teaching. And someone finally made a tutorial for this song!!! keep it up!

  7. Great video as usual man.

    How would you feel about teaching the main riff of Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth?

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