Whitesnake – Here I Go Again – How to Play on Guitar – Lesson – Tutorial, Chords pro

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  1. Here you go again Marty

  2. Luke Ricciuto MacDonlad

    Could you do shortcut to Moneton by I Mother Earth?

  3. Please, do Hard Luck Woman, by KISS

  4. Gotta be the best, most fun tutorial ever! Learned so much from you, thanks Marty!

  5. The best part is
    how you explain like D E F #
    Really Loved It

  6. That's a nice summer project for me

  7. Good lesson!!! Thank you

  8. Hell yeah. I can play the electric version. Now this isa the solo singer version

  9. My theme song when I go to the bathroom

  10. next video = no hat

  11. how could it possibly take 20 minutes! (Bc "teacher yapping, flexing, )

  12. hat off. take your hat off. also, u had a chance to choose a name other than marty scwartz.

  13. Marty- nobody’s done Van Halen’s Finish What You Started yet…. would be an awesome lesson!!

  14. Great lessons thanks marty.

  15. I'll figure out which of your guitar instruction product offers is best for me

  16. Thank you, for the proper instructions to play and perform this song, Marty. I performed this song with SoR Geneva and adding it to my repitoire

  17. Coverdale Comedor!

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