Whole Lotta Love Guitar Lesson – Led Zeppelin – Famous Riffs

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Whole Lotta Love is not only Led Zeppelin’s first hit single in the US, it is also consistently rated one of the greatest guitar tracks of all-time by virtually every major music outlet.

The main reason for that success is Jimmy Page’s driving riff that not only opens the song, but continues throughout a large part of the song.

As iconic as this riff is, it is actually quite easy to play.

In this Whole Lotta Love guitar lesson video I will show you what is going on in this riff for both hands.

If you are just starting to learn to play the guitar you will have some good things to practice here including chord muting and alternate picking.

However, the alternate picking required for this riff doesn’t involve any synchronization with the fret-hand (just picking on one open string) so it is still pretty easy to play.

So I hope you enjoy this short but sweet guitar lesson on a riff that inspired millions of people to learn to play the guitar. 🙂

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  1. Just got a new guitar amp to replace my exploding one for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

  2. But where's the guitar slide?????

  3. Christian De La paz

    You have to be the most legitimate guitar teacher on youtube man I appreciate this, Ive learned a whole lot

  4. Page with his grungy simplicity

  5. damn… learned that riff in about 3min… that was an awesome tutorial for an awesome riff!!!!!

  6. I've seen a ton of your videos (thanks for getting me through free bird) and they're all really on point. Fun tip for this though. On that main riff: instead of playing the single note on the A at the 5th, play the A and the D together, only pitch the A up slightly so it's sharp. That's how Page played it. You'll be able to tell the difference.

  7. Playing this song with single coil pickups is sacrilege. Humbucker or bust! All jokes aside, great video!

  8. Great sound!!!

  9. Can you share anything about your rig/setup for this video? I would've thought I was hearing a Les Paul if I hadn't clearly seen otherwise. Plus it just sounded…big.

  10. What is your delay setting? Or is that just a lot of reverb? Thanks for the great lesson!

  11. Thanks man you taught me so much.

  12. Joe Walsh Les Paul Set Up Full video 18:15



  14. You deserve 10000000 suscribers you help people a lot!!!!

  15. what effect you used ? its so awesome

  16. why need up down up on palm mute, its the same thing?

  17. Great lesson here.Could you make one for Richie Samboras's Ballad of youth?
    The song is freaking awesome but there are no tutorials for it yet or at least I haven't found any…

  18. Thanks man! 🙂

  19. 601 like!!!!!

  20. 600th like! Whole song comming?

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