Why Georgia – John Mayer – Guitar Lesson

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  1. John Mayer is an actual genius. Never taking that back, ever.

  2. Damn..nicely done

  3. Thnx…..

  4. Came here to learn why Georgia and all i can think about is how he revealed magic isnt real

  5. Perfect boi…… u ought to have
    Some nice talent to play such beautiful guitar and sing like
    Yourself..keep it up!!!

  6. Patrick O'Connor

    This is f-i guess refreshing a real tutorial. Thank you dude seriously

  7. Can I ask what guitar you're using?

  8. Where's the second part?!

  9. Danielle Martinelli

    where is the second video??? I can't seem to locate it

  10. Android App for 2nd part??

  11. I appreciate this lesson it's great! I've never done finger picking before, I can now play the first part of the riff. I have to say, this is such a tease!!!!!!!!!! I want to learn the whole song without buying an app!

  12. Where is part 2?

  13. I need a android version of your second part 🙁 pleaseee

  14. you suck man .

  15. Where's the rest of the song


  17. wow!!!! great job

  18. Great job on the instruction dude.

  19. Well insted of changing on to the c shaped d , why dont u just use ur pinky finger to play the f# den open g?

  20. came here to learn to play the song, but i'm still repeating the first minute and half of the video, you nailed the song man.

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