Why is Neon (John Mayer) so difficult to play?

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In this video I’m explaining why the song Neon by John Mayer is so difficult to play. We’ll go over the 4 reasons why I believe this riff is one of the hardest ones to get down properly. Enjoy!

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  1. After such great video, full song tutorial going throughout all parts including the solo parts of the L.A. live would be really great !

  2. 2:26 I understood that reference XD

  3. Outstanding video

  4. Bro you sound like Daario Naharis from Game of Thrones

  5. guitar asmr

  6. Love the sound of your guitar – what is it?

  7. This vid made me respect John Mayer even more, and you for learning and conveying the verse so well. Thank you kindly!

  8. Dude, where'd you get that jacket?

  9. Damn I always thought this song was quite hard. This video showed how hard it is, even more than I thought! Great job!

  10. Mensen uit nederland die gitaar spelen hier?

  11. The solo part is a whole another story.

  12. What a great video. I don't play or listen to JM and I was enthralled.

  13. Magnificent video. Perfect explanations, great "script" and, obviously, excellent playing!

  14. big love is more difficult 🙂

  15. What a great video.

  16. Lol i got this song to learn 6 months into my guitar learning journey. It took 3 months to learn it, but i did it, but then i went bacl to easier stuff like walk this way, it felt so weird

  17. Benjamin Austnes Narum

    It might just be me, but it seems John Mayer often gets overlooked or underrated when people pick their top guitar players; which is a shame because he's a fantastic player!

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