Wildest Dreams – Taylor Swift | Guitar Lesson (Tutorial) Melody part

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Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift Guitar Lesson. Melody (Lead style) Tutorial in Standard Tuning.

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  1. can you do afterlife by Greyson chance please?

  2. Thank you very much for the chords ,this song its amaizing .

  3. nice

  4. please can u make video of (wake me up when September ends)(Melody part lessons) green day 

  5. are you have a tabs?

  6. Do you have the tabs?

  7. By far I guess your my main instructor on guitar.Good Job though!

  8. you should post videos of you playing the whole song. I really like listening to it. haha

  9. this is amazing! super easy to follow – thanks so much :)

  10. loveeee your guitar tutorial. Big fan here!! Can I know how long you've been playing guitar?

  11. Might be easier if you just post the guitar tab alongside in your video while you play it. Sometimes it is difficult to follow as you speak and a visual aid will help most people practice while they pause the video.

    Also the intro was super long. Other than that nice video.

  12. what are the guitar tabs called that match the singing called and how to i find them for different songs????

  13. Please do Justin Timberlake Cry me a river Please

  14. Can you do a fingerstyle tutorial on what do you mean by justin bieber?

  15. awesome!! tnx

  16. i want the fingerstyle tab 🙁 …great covers♥

  17. Constanza valenzuela

    What do you play on the bridge?

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