Willie Nelson style guitar lesson – Incorporate Willie Nelson guitar licks into your playing – EP263

Willie Nelson style guitar lesson - Incorporate Willie Nelson guitar licks into your playing - EP263

In this week’s guitar lesson you’ll learn how to play several classic Willie Nelson guitar licks. I’ll show you how to connect them to basic chord shapes so that you can use them in any key.

If you’d like to view the Part 2 video, download the tablature, and the MP3 jam track for this guitar lesson, visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/willie-nelson-style-guitar-lesson-ep263/


  1. That was beautiful… great job!

  2. Craig FitzGerald

    Just wondering how any one could give that a thumbs down. Very cool.

  3. The Wolf Comedy

    The MP3 Jam Tracks are so helpful.

  4. DirtyBluesStank

    Another amazing lesson

  5. It would be unfair to your other excellent videos to single this one out

    But I am!! until the next one ( no pressure!!…just sayn)

  6. swvacollings290

    Awesome job. Thanks for this. Is that a Double-0 ? Great sound and really clear teaching.

  7. Андрей Невоград

    Ох , хорош урок

  8. Sounds ok on Tele! Not crazy bout white background tho. Once you go Black, you never go back!! Great lesson.

  9. Great vid Willie is super melodic!

  10. Brian. You can be depressing. You know so many styles, so many licks and with a touch on those licks that it might take me an hour to get close for an almost plausible imitation …

  11. A little too clean and perfect. Playing a worn out guitar helps.

  12. Blind Meringue

    great lesson very clear, love the acoustic stuff

  13. Thanks for this!.

  14. This is awesome — is your camera messed up, or is it my iPad because the wide shots seems fuzzy. Maybe the white background is the issue. Great lesson!

  15. Thanks. I love his stuff.

  16. Albert Mendoza

    Wow , fun stuff, this is why I am an active melody member

  17. Raymond Hayhurst

    Beautiful, very Willie-like! Can’t wait to get into this.

  18. Pretty sweet little groove. I like that you can leave as much space as you want while goofing off with this style

  19. Another awesome one BRI!!!!!

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