Wind of Change Guitar Lesson – Scorpions

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In this Wind Of Change guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play all of this classic ballad by the Scorpions note-for-note.

This is not only a beautiful song, but it contains some great guitar work as well.

The tuning is standard tuning.

For a lot of the intro, there are synth pads that hold the harmony down, while guitarists Matthias Jabs playing some very dynamic blues based licks.

I will demsontrate those chords on the guitar along with Jabs’ fills.

As the song progresses we have some simply chord progression with some arpeggio patterns as well.

We then get to one of the best solos you will ever hear. Rudolf Schenker plays this solos and I feel it is one of his best.

There are lot of harmonized guitar parts in this solo as well, but I will just focus on the main melody line just like Schenker does when he plays this solo live. So no harmony parts in this lesson.

I hope you guys enjoy this amazing song by the great Scorpions! #windofchangeguitarlesson #scorpions #guitarcovers

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