Winter Blues – Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson (with a pick) – EP084

To download the tablature and to view the Part 2 video (licks) as well as the Intro Lead video, visit

In this lesson you’ll learn how to play an acoustic blues with a pick in which you alternate between playing rhythm and lead. This style of playing allows you to improvise your own lead parts in addition to the ones I show you.


  1. it is pretty good…hope we will get a chance to watch more aquastic lesson

  2. go Cubs

  3. go Cubs

  4. +Active Melody What guitar do you suggest that's good for blues (budget £200-£500)?  Thanks.

  5. im depressed as fvck right now… thanks alot :(

  6. haa the ole bait n switch!

  7. Masterfootballer 23


  8. Wow i love the way this guy play.

  9. Hi , bluse man'good job,,like your teaching, and ilike your style,,so cool "you aregood teacher"thank' you so mush,,


  10. EmanuelePietro Buscemi

    Beautiful song country blues american style. The solists are spot on. Thanks for that other PEARL.

  11. Love the videos. As a small constructive note, the added reverb is a bit much, would be nice to have a little less on the production.

    Thanks for posting such great content!

  12. This is really fun! Definitely going to make the winter better. :)

  13. Groovy!

  14. No Cubs hats please. 

  15. Nice lesson short round lol I'll have to have a try at this

  16. Gerald Dixon Cummings

    We get sunshine up here near the north friggin' pole. It's the – 40 degrees I can't tolerate. – 40 degrees Celcius or Farenheit you may ask…BOTH. lol 

  17. Gerald Dixon Cummings

    ALWAYS a treat Brian…always.

  18. Cheers Brian ACE as always, A pleasure to see your posts, Steady from UK…

  19. Superb!
    Can't wait to learn this.

    Thank you.

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