Wipeout by The Surfaris – Quick Guitar Lesson – How to Play

Wipeout by The Surfaris - Quick Guitar Lesson - How to Play

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  1. It took me a while to figure out where your fingers are, but I got it and this is my first song i ever learned on guitar. Thanks!!!

  2. Dat hard

  3. Hey there rockstars!! Check out my free online course at: http://www.yourguitarsage.com/30

  4. Thanks man!

  5. This was an awesome lesson, will definitely be viewing more of these

  6. Good lesson, but if I were a beginner I would probably not be able to understand this. Remember when you you were a beginner? Beginners need "baby step" type of lessons. I know I did!

  7. what tele?

  8. dinmukhamed daurenbek

    Hi! I watched through but I haven't tried to play it cause I have only acoustic guitar 😀 is that possible to have a good sound on acoustic nylon guitar?

  9. Funner is NOT A WORD

  10. Can you please do a close up of what you're doing on the guitar? 

  11. Hoàng Triều Vũ


  12. I can not see what you are doing

  13. Robinson dos Santos Teixeira

    blackstar ht20?

  14. You left out the laugh at the very beginning
    Anyway..thanks for the lesson

  15. just sent this to a new youtuber and .THANKS FOR ALL THE FREE STUFF

  16. LOVE THIS CHANNEL! I'm Kind of an intermediate guitarist myself BUT I've already learned a ton of stuff from Erich's channel! I keep hoping he'll teach us a Smith's song…"This Charming Man" or "How Soon Is Now?" perhaps?? Johnny Marr's my fave!

  17. This is great :D

  18. the only problem i have on guitar at the moment is pick sweeping which all videos ive looked for dont really help that much

  19. Very good. Thanks.

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