Wish You Were Here Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Pink Floyd – Intro & Chords

*If you are trying to view this from any U.S. territory or others Youtube may have it blocked. I’m very sorry for this and I hope it changes soon…

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In this Wish You Were Here guitar lesson we are gonna break down all of the classic guitar parts performed by David Gilmour on this classic Pink Floyd song.

Wish You Were Here is widely considered one of the greatest acoustic classic rock songs of all time and with good reason. It starts off with an instantly identifiable guitar riff originally played on a 12-string acoustic guitar recorded to sound like it is being played through a cheap car stereo.

From there Wish You Were Here develops into a song containing arpeggiated picking, chord strums, and a bunch of acoustic guitar soloing.

In this Wish You Were Here guitar lesson I will show you not only the intro solo, but also the pedal steel guitar solo heard later in the tune. However, I will arrange this solo so you can play it just fine on a standard tuned acoustic guitar.

I will also tackle all the soloing David Gilmour does towards the end of the song while he is scat singing.

Overall, I think learning this classic Pink Floyd song will really help develop those acoustic soloing chops. It will certainly gets those calluses in shape.

Have fun guys! Carl..


  1. The problem with these YouTube videos on guitar is I always get lost halfway through and I have no one to ask for advice…

  2. Hey Carl, I can't seem to find any tutorials on how to play Echoes by Pink Floyd anywhere on youtube. Do you reckon you could maybe do a lesson on how to play echoes as I would really love to learn that guitar solo.

  3. Devan Devan

  4. Good video

  5. JoshMoviesNMusic

    A girl ask me to please learn this song so thanks this is a big help!

  6. John Gates Peele

    Thats one ugly shirt he's got on

  7. Another great lesson!Regards from BrazilBtw: Im already playing Iris likes a boss thanks to your Iris lesson

  8. Nathan Vogelsang

    What is the strum pattern between the like a and d chords

  9. Renske van Engelen

    Thanks for this movie, you explain really well 🙂 Maybe it's just me, but I think that in the intro, when you 'walk' the little bass line back down on your guitar, it actually starts with the G string played open. So G (open), D (2nd fret), D (open). The second time around I hear it as D (2nd fret), G (open), D (2nd fret), D (open).

  10. thx for the tip on playing those bass E-string notes during the vocals!!

  11. This was very very helpful

  12. love it. your the greatest. people shouldnt crit you. your giving so much to the world

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  14. I've played bass guitar for about 30 years and I can figure out just about anything by ear.I've been playing guitar for about 15 years and can figure out a little by ear.Now since I've found this channel I'm learning a song a day. Amazing! I don't know what kind of morons are giving this a thumbs down but if you can't learn from this guy take up the trumpet dumb ass!

  15. Robert Gillespie

    I bet with a lot of playing with reverb and fuzz you could get that radio effect

  16. Thank you very much you make it really easy

  17. The strumming pattern is
    Not so sure. But I hope this is. I love this song.

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