Wish You Were Here Guitar Lesson Pt.2 – Pink Floyd – Intro Solo

Wish You Were Here Guitar Lesson Pt.2 - Pink Floyd - Intro Solo

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In this Wish You Were Here guitar lesson we are gonna break down all of the classic guitar parts performed by David Gilmour on this classic Pink Floyd song.

Wish You Were Here is widely considered one of the greatest acoustic classic rock songs of all time and with good reason. It starts off with an instantly identifiable guitar riff originally played on a 12-string acoustic guitar recorded to sound like it is being played through a cheap car stereo.

From there Wish You Were Here develops into a song containing arpeggiated picking, chord strums, and a bunch of acoustic guitar soloing.

In this Wish You Were Here guitar lesson I will show you not only the intro solo, but also the pedal steel guitar solo heard later in the tune. However, I will arrange this solo so you can play it just fine on a standard tuned acoustic guitar.

I will also tackle all the soloing David Gilmour does towards the end of the song while he is scat singing.

Overall, I think learning this classic Pink Floyd song will really help develop those acoustic soloing chops. It will certainly gets those calluses in shape.

Have fun guys! Carl..
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  1. What is the easiest Pink floyd song to learn apart from this one?

  2. To moze da prodje

  3. I always wanted to be able to play guitar, but the beginning seems so slow, and frustrating. Lol

  4. The bends on the last bit are easier if you play the same melody on the 7th and 9th frets.

  5. Alejandro Ramirez

    Eres un semi-dios de la guitarra… gracias por los videos!

  6. This took me probably less then 2 weeks to learn. Thanks!

  7. Martin Featherstone

    You are a a fantastic guitar player I watch all kinds of guitar lessons online and you are by far one of the best instructors to learn from.

  8. Excellent lesson, thank you!

  9. Legendary.

  10. Hope i can learn this song.

  11. Doesn't he play it on a regular steel string acoustic guitar?

  12. Please do rust in peace by megadeth

  13. My mum wants me to play this at her birthday and it's in 2 months! I haven't picked up a guitar for 5 years.

  14. Robert Gillespie

    David Gilmore and his bends

  15. Congratulations 4 u, please put tabs. 10

  16. Been wanting to learn this for a while thanks to you only took me a couple days.

  17. World's hardest acoustic string bend

    how do you make bends on an acoustic wtf

  19. is this crazy Donny from my name is earl

  20. Robert Gillespir

    Shpuld do ot with some lyrics so we can know how to sync it. Awesome video, great lesson

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