Wonderful Tonight Guitar Lesson SOLO + EASY CHORDS – Eric Clapton

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  1. Boooom

  2. Another fabulous lesson Andy and many thanks. You seem to know what we all want to do and you do it so well!

  3. hey andy, thank you this song man . you are good son , I fucking love you. thanks.

  4. you forgot something…at the nearly end part of the song the lead solo changes

  5. Im loving this.. mu are so patient Sir …. <3

  6. Κωνσταντίνος Χρυσοστομίδης

    We have the same electric guitar

  7. Thank you Andy, We like your lessons. Sweden

  8. You snuck an E min. In there, it’s not just G,D&C

  9. You teach good. But speak to much unnecessarily.

  10. Thanks  really…. I got  attractive  method  how to play  "wonderful  tonight"

  11. Thanks man! Can i request a song by richard carpenters "calling your name again"

  12. Absolutely fantastic video Andy, I had this on the radio last night and could not wait to play it today, thanks again dude

  13. Another top notch tutorial. And the all fingers off on the up strum to change to the next chord is duly noted. Great stuff, Andy.

  14. Can you do a lesson for Into the West By Annie Lennox or Just when I needed you most By Randy Vanwarmer

  15. What do you have your amp set to for this song?

  16. It must be me but I found the lesson confusing if you want to play the whole song from start to Finnish…

  17. thanks brother , its very clear

  18. Are there any pedals or amp settings to achieve the tone?

  19. Thank you very much ! amazing tutorial .. looking forward for more !

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