Wonderwall – Oasis – Acoustic Song Guitar Lesson (BS-805)

In this guitar lesson we’re checking out Wonderwall by Oasis, fantastic acoustic song, I go into detail about the strumming which is what most people struggle with in this song – you’ll be playing it just like the record in no time 😉

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  1. Perfect bro! Thanks a lot!

  2. The best Wonderwall tutorial I've seen. Great insights. Thanks :-)

  3. gracias, en los primeros 10 segundos cache como era, se me había olvidado… XD Saludos greetings…

  4. Apostolos Nikolis

    Could you do Slide by goo goo dolls?

  5. OK so the only part im lost at is he went over the strumming for the verses but not the chorus or bridge are they similar or am i just not seeing it?

  6. thanks Justin. thanks for making these videos. u are awesome!!!

  7. Your my e-minor7 to c-add9

  8. wonderfull man ☆★
    hope you know that we appreciate you and what you do so much ☆★

  9. You nailed it on this one Justin…not that you ever get it wrong but this one is especially cool to rip and your instruction is perfect! Thanks for the videos!

  10. Great, really got this in 2 days (slow of course) but i'll surely speed up. Thx man

  11. Hey Justin, do u use the pic on this song or not

  12. Just bought my first guitar yesterday and already strumming this out thanks to you buddy. Taa!

  13. As per usual, this lesson was overseen by Papa Smurf! ;)

  14. Superbe leçon, merci !!!!

  15. one of the greatest guitar tutorials on youtube ever !!!

  16. Justin you are my god!!! Getting your beginner's book soon!
    Cheers from France ;)

  17. LOL , chords are like ADTR – "If it means a lot to you"

  18. Thank you so much for this. You teach really well with a lot of enthusiasm and in a way that really helps me grasp the song. Thanks a million!

  19. Very easy for me to pick up, thanks so much!

  20. I jus don't get how Noel didn't came up with this lyrics.

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