WORD UP Cameo Guitar Lesson How To Play On Electric R&B Funk Lesson Funky Friday

Chord TABS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJiQw7jMlrY
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  1. Thanx Eric!!!… An excellent lesson!!!…

  2. Great lesson, Eric. Much appreciated.

  3. Hi Eric, hope all is well. Thank you for posting this, as there doesn't seem to be any tabs. My question is do you have tabs for this song? And my second question are you related to the lead singer of Cameo? His name is Larry Blackmon. I hope you don't mind my asking. Thank you.

  4. great riffs and lessons Eric. Are you Larry's son?

  5. 1:54 — is this actually in the song?

  6. Kris InCleveland

    Thank you Eric. This was fantastic, simple and to the point! I love this song!

  7. You are an awesome player and teacher bro!. Thanks from Argentina!

  8. I love You Tube – great stuff!

  9. Thank you Sir for giving us mere mortals a fantastic lesson. This is how proper good lessons should be like and I really appreciate your time to show us.

  10. Giorgos Vratsalis

    Great job dude ty!! m/

  11. amazing lesson brother

  12. Eric can you teach a lesson on the O'JAYS Use Ta Be My Girl . Thank You

  13. EricBlackmonGuitar

    Hi, and welcome to my no nonsense, no profanity and no drama comment thread! Have a great day! ERIC

  14. EricBlackmonGuitar

    I try to post something once a week, but it's hard to keep up when YouTube is a secondary project. I run a music school full time, and the videos are filmed, edited and posted in my down time, which seems to get harder and harder to find! I love it though, do I won't stop! So far, I have posted almost 400 videos, and YouTube has not paid a dime in revenue for them. I will check out the artist you mentioned as soon as I have a chance! More funk is on the way! In time. Thanks for watching!

  15. Put some more funk !!! Why not some d'angelo ? Cheers

  16. EricBlackmonGuitar

    Thanks so much for watching! I appreciate it!

  17. Great lesson very clear.

  18. That was great! Thanks mate 🙂

  19. EricBlackmonGuitar

    Thanks Joe! And thanks for watching!

  20. Well done …!!

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