Yellow by Coldplay – Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson – How to Play

Yellow by Coldplay is a great guitar jam for everyone! I enjoyed doing this video for you kids. Now head over to to grap my free ebook on guitar lessons. I really hope you find the value in the content of this ebook. It will help you to start jammin out to Yellow by Coldplay and other good tunes.

Love hearing on the positive feedback and comments you kitty cats are leaving on all my videos. 🙂 I really appreciate it! I look foward to making more videos for you guys and providing you with some more killer lessons on how to play the guitar.

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Keep rockin’ rockstars!

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  1. BTW, check out my free online course at:

  2. I like how you said get one it's about $12 bucks…
    the whole enchilada. But I love enchiladas

  3. Nice tutorial but you've simplified it. Tuning is E  A  B  G  B  D# and doesn't have a capo 🙂

  4. Thanks for your comment. Please, follow me on FB & Twitter! I appreciate you & your comments.
    e 🙂

  5. They're eighth notes.

  6. The way with a capo is not as good as the way without

  7. thanks! great tutorial!

  8. im not gonna get all technicle like everybody else 'ooh, these are 16th notes' but yeah… great tutorial and i have never had a guitar lesson in my life and can play this! it sounds well good! thanks again! also, please can you do some more coldplay or ed sheeran tutorials? 🙂

  9. stop using your thumb on the neck and pull back with your arm

  10. 16th notes in the timing of four beats per measure?

  11. wait arent these 16th notes?

  12. haha, I love this guy !

  13. Down strokes 4×4

  14. Sometimes the writer of the tabs does mention the strumming pattern in the tabs by writing what hand motions you'll have to do. For example, strum, down, down, then up up .If you're taking private lessons from an instructor he should be able to tell you what the strumming is for the specific song you want to learn.If your trying to teach yourself I suggest watching guitar lesson videos and watch what strumming the video maker is doing. Feel free to message me for help! You'll get the hang of it

  15. yes, watch me video on barre chords and get ebook 2. Also watch the fretting video at unstoppableguitarsystem(dot)com

  16. Any tips on how to get better at bar chords or ways to train your finger to bar my finger just does not seem to want to push down hard enough lol

  17. rosemarie ocampo

    Thanks I don't even had my guitar yet but I already know how to play yellow you totally taught me than the girl Jen Trani from MAHALO I got really confused.. Well thanks by the way 🙂

  18. Radhika Raghavan

    Could you just tell me how the strumming goes please? Thanks =)

  19. "dont lift it up to high" ahahah actually made me laugh XD

  20. Which e sus is it 2 or 4?

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