Yosemite – Travis Scott (ASTROWORLD) – Guitar Lesson Tutorial

Yosemite - Travis Scott (ASTROWORLD) - Guitar Lesson Tutorial

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Tab for Yosemite riff:

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  1. Sheldon Ferguson

    Wow, great job! I played guitar on this record, much respect man

  2. Can you do how you feel by Trippie Redd

  3. Holy shittt im practicing thissss

  4. wow that was amazing, ever since this album came out ive been looking for tabs, just wondering if you plan on doing coffee bean

  5. Hey I was about to purchase your 'Stairway to Lesson' app so that I could get access to the second part of the Why Georgia tutorial but the 2 most recent reviews claim that the videos have no sound, and I noticed that the app hasn't been updated in two years. I also just wanted to see if you were still adding more lessons to it? I'd actually pay for the app just to finish the tutorial for this one song, because I think you did an amazing job explaining how to play it in your first video. Thanks!

  6. This is an amazing tutorial you earned a sub ­čÖé keep it up!

  7. Killing the Travis Scott game – your channel needs more views!

  8. great work man, keep up.

  9. Under rated channel

  10. Great tutorial! First one on YouTube as well.

  11. Can u make a tab for this

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