You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC – Guitar Lesson

In this video you will quickly learn how to play You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC. Hope you enjoy this AC/DC guitar lesson. For more help with guitar and free resources go to: today.

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Thanks for stopping by and watching this tutorial on how to play You Shook Me All Night Long, the chorus, verse and intro. AC/DC is one of my favorites bands while I was a kid. Hope you enjoy this guitar lesson gang!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions, comments, or feedback. Thanks guys!

See you in another video soon!

Keep up the practice.


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  1. Love that cigar box setup you have hanging on your wall. Would love to see you play it for us!

    OH, and D SUSTAINED!

  2. Anyone have a link to the tab the way it's played here? I was looking on and not one of the 26 different versions there are correct. None of them are even close

  3. you can suspend them from class they will get it then lol

  4. haha at the Mr Rogers crack too funny

  5. U need to slow down

  6. When you sang the chords as you played then it became a EUREKA moment. Then it hit me.

  7. Shannon Sinclair

    would be nice to have a close up, can't see what you are doing with your left hand

  8. WOW!! ben affleck's teching ACDC!! BTW great lesson! 😉

  9. sounding like poopoo is a no no

  10. great Mr Rodgers joke I subscribed

  11. Hey there kids!! Check out my free online course at:

  12. i'm not seeing the pull off bit at 4.37 very well at all

  13. Lookin' like Mr. Rogers and playin' AC/DC–now there's a kid's show!

  14. ERROR file 'name.txt' not found

    Bloody hell I've been playing this wrong for so long 😛

  15. You continue to amaze me my friend! Your teaching is excellent and your heart is in the right place!

  16. gr8 tute, but dude, try a different (or no) sweater, and squirt the axe with a little Windex every 5 yrs or so.

  17. The jump camera cuts are really pointless & annoying on an instructional video. It's not a pop video

  18. Ralpher Guimaraes

    Very very cool!! About the strings, are you using 0.10?
    And What you say about 0.09 string?

  19. in the verse, do i strum, mute, then strum the next chord

  20. Do you get it? I think you do! Awesome.

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