Your First Guitar Solo/Improv Lesson – A minor Pentatonic Jam Track

Hey guys! Today I’m bringing you something a little different. I’m always trying to find ways to better help you guys learn and perfect your skills. So I’m bringing you a new series of jam tracks aimed to show you how to play different scales or play solos in the style of different players. They Include some teaching parts and then long backing tracks with the scales notated out on the neck along with the chord changes. Let me know in the comments if there is anything you would like to see added to these types of videos!

A Minor Extended :2:52
A Minor Pentatonic + Extended: 6:00
Open A minor Pentatonic: 9:01
All A minor Pentatonic Shapes: 11:38

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  1. Woa woa woa,slow down girlfriend!!

  2. Truly a "SMARTY MARTY" Idea.

  3. I feel like my skills have flatlined and it takes so much more focus and energy to get just slightly better at this point. Opposed to at the beginning of my learning which I was making huge leaps in music knowledge and guitar skill every day. So this video I really needed. I am pretty much perfect at changing chords and quickly finding Barre chords or scales that I need. Its just that I can't really improv as good as I'd like. The improv I do now isn't horrible but it sounds repetitive and predictive. I can easily get boxed in, forget where to go next, or run out of phrases after awhile of soloing. I have picked up keyboard which helps me understand how to adlib on the spot. Then of course watching YouTube videos on music theory has helped a lot too.

  4. Marty you're a Genius

  5. Great lesson

  6. Yes please yes please yes pl

  7. Ok this is cool. Always pick up something with Marty. Great tutorial.

  8. C'est la première fois que je m'amuse avec la pentatonique ! merci Marty !!!

  9. Marty bro!! Thanks for all the great videos!! I’m still waiting on that Thank You lesson and that Closer to the Heart lesson

  10. Great lesson. Before reading the title, I didn’t realize it was a jam track; thinking…..this is pretty monotonous from Marty…..going back and forth between chords. Ha!

  11. A7/D7 jam has some YEM feel to it….Phunky Marty

  12. Hey Marty can you do a lesson on the last Mohicans on the 12 string there’s no sing but it is amazing how this dude play if you want to check it out here is the link

  13. So, speaking of a Fender Strat, I'm stuck on a choice for my next guitar. Would you guys rather the Fender Player Series or the Sixty-Six? Thinking of going the HSS configuration on the pickups either way.

  14. Hi mate I own all your courses would you consider doing a more comprehensive guitar theory course on Marty music? I detail on all the modes all the scales.

    Cad x

  15. This is a fantastic idea! I'm hoping this will become a series and expand out to the major scale. It is the perfect 15 min practice session.

  16. Love this idea! I'm gonna be practicing some scales!

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