You're In My Heart Free Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Rod Stewart

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  1. Even with the capo,the guitar sounds out of tune

  2. Hey Kirby could you do a tutorial on shine on by jet. I would greatly appreciate it brother. Thank you for teaching me many other songs already

  3. Dude the words on the bottom are so far off it’s freakin hilarious

  4. oh…. wow,this is so far off the original??

  5. Great!!!

  6. Hi Kirby,…..I haven't seen your videos for a while,  (too many and too frequent)….but now I saw this one and I was reminded of the time I saw Rod Stewart at the old Forum in Montreal in the 80's.  he actually kicked a soccer ball in my direction. Luckily it fell short,…I was taking pictures with a zoom lens, looked liked it was coming right at me.Great tutorial, as always.

  7. Hi Kirby, I've always wanted to learn this song. Thanks for putting this together for us, your many fans!

  8. Kirb – I have a guitar but I've been picking up mandolin lately. Any suggestions on songs to learn? I know Maggie May is a common answer. And do you know of any good tutorial videos like yours? Thanks!!

  9. Ah, a song with Celtic in it. Scotland's greatest team!

    Mon eh Hoops!

  10. great song kirb!!

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