You've Got A Friend James Taylor Guitar Lesson Tutorial

You’ve Got A Friend written by Carole King and covered by James Taylor is a classic, and a song that I love to play and sing.
Here is the guitar lesson for you.
Standard tuning – Capo 2nd fret
0:28 Chords
8:05 Tabs on the screen
13:38 bridge with tabs on screen
15:15 Special credits


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Yamaha 120 SD
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PolyTune Clip
Tuning apps – Cleartune, iStrobosoft, n-Track Tuner

Yamaha P22 Acoustic Piano
Yamaha CP33 Electric Piano

Crate GFX 15 w/DSP

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Exit music – Standing Stone written and played by Eric Blood – Bass and vocals, Hal Stead – acoustic guitar, and Zach Reinhard – cajon. Hal and Zach are just along for the ride, Eric is the real mastermind behind this song.

Take care,
Hal Stead


  1. Hello hal (dont know if got your name correct but thats as far as i can remember) im glad to see you again. You answered and give me pointers on your arrangement of jason mraz rainbow connection many years ago. That helped a lot. Thank you and hope youll have a whole good new year!!! Take care man.

  2. Many thanks, good tutorial, very helpful.

  3. Excellent explanation. Thank you.

  4. juan carlos leguizamon vega

    Hermosa canción ! Mil recuerdos

  5. Excellent tutorial. Another fun little accent to add is a D note – third fret on the B string – that makes the Em an Em7, after the line "and you need a helping hand", and other similar locations. Wish I could play this as well as you do. I just need to practice, practice, practice…

  6. This was a great tutorial. It's way out of my comfort zone because I usually play more rhythmic style but I should (and will now) learn to venture outside of that easy place I so often find my playing to be in. Thanks for this and for making it so clear.

  7. Thank you

  8. Most of the praises I was going to say, have already been said. I'd like though to add that your English is clear and understandable, and that you seem to be one step forward to all the questions an average learner would ask. Thanks from Argentina!!

  9. that a beautiful song. thank for your job.

  10. Thanks for your time and was very helpful and informative

  11. Great lesson, and what a guitar, is that a D45?

  12. Your lesson is the best by far

  13. I can’t believe that you've only had had 41 comments on this tutorial. This is an awesome lesson and you’ve done an incredible job at laying out the best way to transition to the chords in this song. Going to practice and perform this at a banquet at the end of this month.
    Thank you.

  14. อาคม อบรมย์

    thankyou.. I liked your jop …coool

  15. I've had a good tool to download your lesson, but that tool don't work anymore.
    Anybody who knows a tool to download from youtube, let me know.

  16. This dude has a gift

  17. Very great mentoring. Thank you Sir. I will try.

  18. Thank you, I liked the class, very clear and fulfilling, you did a great Job.

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