Zedd Ft. Alessia Cara – Stay | Guitar Tab Tutorial | How to play Melody & Chords

How to play Stay by Zedd & Alessia Cara on Guitar with easy chords Lesson and free melody on-screen tab.

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Strumming : intro/verse : Down per chords. Prechorus : D D D D and chorus D D x (slap)

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  1. This channel is really my favorite now.

  2. Where are you find the chord diagram? I want to it,

  3. Why don't you have more subscribers? This is amazing

  4. se ne serrais pas par hasard une chaine francaise sinon mec super tuto continue

  5. what is the strumming in the prechorus?

  6. ZE[1]Tava CS:GO Montages

    Been here since you have 1k subs your channel is really growing!

  7. sr but u are amotor your right hand is to close to left and your bit isnt the best…
    but nice tabs and chords.
    i wrote it only to talk u ;u are doing something wrong 🙂

  8. Can you tell me the strumming pattern

  9. Thank youuu

  10. Awesome as always. ❣️
    After much waiting.

  11. thanks bro

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  13. this channel is so beginner friendly

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