Ziggy Stardust – David Bowie – Tribute Guitar Lesson Tutorial (BS-027)

Managed to keep myself together long enough to do the lesson on Ziggy Stardust too for you because there were so many requests for it.

More Bowie on the web site, Hero’s & Space Oddity

Re: The A Chord in the verses. So I’ve given it more of a listen and I do hear Am in the first verse, but it might be changing to A major after 2 beats… it may even be that there are both maj and minor at the same time in different parts. Later in the songs it sounds more like A Major. There are live versions where it seems either or both A and A minor are used, so maybe it’s never going to be definative!

So many people so sad today. Only yesterday I was sharing my love of the new record Blackstar with friends… if you not heard it yet – get it now, it’s incredible… and you can hear now that he knew he was on his way… that track Lazarus… 🙁 what a parting gift.

R.I.P David Bowie
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  1. Nice! You got some skills bro! Thanks for the lesson!

  2. Thank you for those great lessons I’ve progressed a lot
    You’re great teacher!

  3. 12:00 I think we found the original lyrics

  4. Great one, thank you Justin. You always make so much sense too.

  5. The end of this shows Mick R playing the main riff. This is interesting. https://youtu.be/gYL-WRqBehs

  6. Holy crap Justin, that was awesome.

  7. That looks way easier that I imagines and I bet I can play it now after just watching this

  8. * * * * * 4:44 Intro, 11:30 Verse, 17:20 Chorus,

  9. I met Ronno in Seattle and he showed me the correct way to play the song. I said I wasn't happy how anemic the pinky trill sounded when I hit the D chord. He showed me that he played it like a barre chord D hammeron to give it a bigger "tone".

  10. Thank you so much Justin!!!! So fantastic. I don't really know how to play the guitar AT ALL (that makes 3 instruments I don't really know how to play the piano, the trumpet & the guitar), however now that my 8 year old son is almost playing better than I am I thought I would come back to it. This video is something I played with a while ago but then gave up on, figuring I would never be able to play it. You have now taught me how to play Ziggy Stardust!!!! I have figured it out thanks to you. Bowie was such an incredible gift to our world, was lucky enough to see him 3 times and his music is still as impactful in my life as it ever was. Now that my son has taken up the guitar I can't wait to teach him about Bowie. I've never wanted to steer him towards who he likes and doesn't like, other than raising both my children on The Beatles. He has had his stages already, Kiss, The BeeGees, (living in Canada) The Tragically Hip, The Band, Elton John but I have slowly started to introduce Ziggy Stardust into his life, this will go a long way. Friday night he is playing his first Open Mic, he is going to play Love Me Do!!!!
    Thanks again Justin!!!!

  11. You crushed it!

  12. songsthatarecatchy

    Justin you have changed my life.

  13. I started with your course but you don’t focus away from your face to the guitar.

  14. Hard to believe its been over two years, a world without Bowie will never be the same, Thanks for this great lesson

  15. Hey justin. Didnt want to let this pass. I'm 43 and just decided to play. And this song.. so you're my first teacher. At 2 weeks, I'm just to "where were the spider". But have a mate by to help me out with those chords. Thank you immensely.

  16. I'm an absolute beginner at playing guitar 🙂
    is this too hard to learn as my first song ?

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